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The idea of a Characteristica Universalis between Leibniz and Russell, and its relevancy today

Abstract In this post I will investigate the Leibnizian idea of a Characteristica Universalis from a comparative point of view on two diverging paradigms on computation that can be distinguished, as I will argue, to have emerged since the end of the 19th century. While algebraists like Augustus de Morgan, George Boole, Charles Sanders Peirce … Continue reading

Gilles Deleuze

Not categories, fantastical notions !

The following text is an excerpt from my book Inhabiting Media, Annäherungen an Herkünfte und Topoi medialer Architektonik (PHD Thesis, University Basel 2009/11) Die Frage nach dem Sinn. Oder: Das Problem des Anfangs. »Zwischen den Problemen und den Sätzen besteht stets eine Wesensdifferenz.« – Gilles Deleuze[1] Das Denken unterhält die Beziehung zu einem Aussen. Gleichzeitig ist … Continue reading