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On Michel Serres’ book The Natural Contract (1990): “Cosmoliteracy – the Alphabetization of the Nature of Thought”

This is the manuscript of my talk at the joint annual conference of the Society for European Philosophy and the Forum for European Philosophy, September 3-5 2014 at Utrecht University, with the annual theme: Philosophy after Nature. Cosmoliteracy – the Alphabetization of the Nature of Thought by Vera Bühlmann A-cosmic philosophies have only language or politics, writing … Continue reading

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Peter Sloterdijk’s phantastic philosophy—taking the concept of the differential as a relational measure

Abstract How can we consider the situation of thought leaving the interiority of the thinking subject ? With this theme as an underlying motive throughout many of his writings, Peter Sloterdijk considers the question of hominization in terms of anthropotechnics. The primary importance of technological developments, he holds, concerns thinking. More specifically, we are challenged … Continue reading

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Wilfrid Sellar’s essays Within the Space of Reasons (2007) – a puzzled question

How can it be, that a Wittgenstein scholar like Wilfrid Sellars, in his recent book Within the Space of Reasons (Harvard UP 2007),when he discusses Wittgenstein’s view in the Tractatus on predication, doesn’t hesitate to leave the entire debate in the philosophy of mathematics which was culminating in Wittgenstein’s time, completely without mention. Undoubtedly, the problem of predication in philosophical … Continue reading