Algebraic Concepts Characterized / Distinguishing the General from the Generic / Experiments / Plotting from History

Capital Bodies: Secrets of the Universe

An experiment in accelerating my own thinking about how Capital and Ciphers relate to one another. Deleuze and Guattari suggest (in “Apparatus of Capture” in Mille Plateau) to assume an axiomatics of capital. This here is an exploration towards what it might mean to pursue a taxonomy, or rather a taxonometrics of capital. * thanks to … Continue reading

The Alphabetic Absolute

“Ichnography”—The Nude and Its Model | The Alphabetic Absolute and Storytelling in the Grammatical Case of the Cryptographic Locative

abstract This article discusses different modes of how the ominous ‘all’ can be plotted as ‘comprehension’ via narrative, calculation, and measurement. The main interest thereby regards how the apparent ‘Real Time’ induced by the logistical infrastructures established by communicational media becomes articulable once we regard ‘Light Speed’ as the tense-ness proper to spectral modes of … Continue reading