Algebraic Concepts Characterized / Distinguishing the General from the Generic / Metalithikum / Thinking as an Algebraic Mechanist

Primary abundance, urban philosophy – information and the form of actuality

This article argues for a radical perspectivity shift in cogitating the urban, which involves an ap-proach to infrastructures not solely in terms of functionality, but predicated on the pre-modern philosophical terms of capacities and capabilities. Characterizing infrastructures as technological means of maintaining a steady supply of existential basics poorly recognizes the peculiar space of potentiality they maintain and provide … Continue reading

Distinguishing the General from the Generic / Gilles Deleuze / Lectures / Pre-specificity / Thinking as an Algebraic Mechanist

How to substantiate liminitudinality or: Gilles Deleuze and the formula of capitalism – towards an entropic economy

* manuscript of my paper at the Deleuze Conference 2013 in Lisabon, July 13th. With a few additional annotions.  During this conference, we have heard many accounts and twists on a disturbing relation which Deleuze’s philosophy of capture, through the terms of what he calls the method of transcendental empiricism [1], appears to maintain with … Continue reading