This blog is maintained because I expect it to be a good strategy for linking up with like minded people on bundles of interests which are very abstract, but in a specific way (cf the about this blog and the main theme pages).

You are welcome to contact me via my academic affiliation below, where you can also find an extensive bio and bibliography with texts for download.

Dr. phil. Vera Bühlmann
buehlmann (at) arch (dot) ethz (dot) ch

ETH Zurich
Faculty of Architecture
Computer-Aided Architectural Design CAAD
Schafmattstrasse 32, HPZ F
8093 Zurich, Switzerland

the applied virtuality theory-lab (new site, currently in the making)

laboratory for applied virtuality (old site, until April 2014)

personal profile at CAAD ETHZ

You might also be interested in the more applied work of my colleagues at the CAAD chair. You can find a blog with materials like exhibitions, events, student work, people profiles, network etc here, and a static site about the chair’s position on computational architecture here.

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