Distinguishing the General from the Generic / Pre-specificity / Projective Theory of Technology / Thinking as an Algebraic Mechanist

New book out! Sheaves – when things are whatever can be the case

by Ludger Hovestadt, Vera Bühlmann, published as Vol. II in our Applied Virtuality Book Series (ambra, Vienna/Austria)


This is a book that holds the intellectual wealth of our world to be elemental. Today, the classical architectonic elements of form, quantity, units, numbers, principles, foundations are all constituted by information, and by literacy. Artefacts are things whose nature consists in our intellectuality. Each one of them is engendered in its kind according to how we bundle our desires. For breath, for scope, for legitimation, for ease, for comfort, for challenge, for joy, for fear, for understanding, for communication, for sharing, for giving, for taking, for caring. Sheaves will not describe anything. It will not judge. It will bundle marks, left by acts of inception, the imprints of which we find in artifacts. There are no continuous texts in the book, but a wide range of topics are indexically concentrated so as to sheave the abounding substance of things-that-are-whatever-can-be-the-case, according to probabilities and their distributions.  How to read this book? By taking its notions seriously. Search the internet, and they will lose their generalness. They will begin to speak to you, vividly. Bundle such riches with the riches of other notions, and they will activate each other. Take its pictures seriously, as well. Photograph or scan them. Use them as indexes while searching the internet. Again, you will find rich stories. Bundle those riches, concentrate them into new characterizations of identities that are interesting to you. Let yourself be inspired by the intellectual wealth of our world. You can expand it. It is an exciting adventure, demanding and optimistic.

but at amazon.

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