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Peter Sloterdijk’s phantastic philosophy—taking the concept of the differential as a relational measure

Abstract How can we consider the situation of thought leaving the interiority of the thinking subject ? With this theme as an underlying motive throughout many of his writings, Peter Sloterdijk considers the question of hominization in terms of anthropotechnics. The primary importance of technological developments, he holds, concerns thinking. More specifically, we are challenged … Continue reading

Algebraic Concepts Characterized / Gilles Deleuze / Plotting from History

Articulating quantities – when things depend on whatever can be the case

Paper delivered at the ART OF CONCEPT conference, MaMa in Zagreb (June 2012) It is a first attempt to speak about what I call the Dedekindian, Boolean, and Deleuzean notion of reasoning as concerning not the totality of what there is, but as the totality of what can be thought rigorously.  download manuscript Bühlmann_ArticulatingQuantities „Man can think … Continue reading