Algebraic Concepts Characterized / Thinking as an Algebraic Mechanist

Scopes of analysis and synthesis enabled in different ways by different “number spaces”

The assumption I am trying to organize and structure in this post is thought-in-action (careful! no uncritical taking for facts): 1   “analogy” and “proportionality” the identity of a term expressing a “quantity” is comprehended as determinable only within a relational order. The problems are formulated in words, not yet in (algebraic) symbolic notation. We … Continue reading

Distinguishing the General from the Generic / Pre-specificity / Thinking as an Algebraic Mechanist

The Integrity of Objects: Design, Information, and the Form of Actuality

[to appear in ADD METAPHYSICS, ed. by Jenna Sutela Aalto University Digital Design Laboratory, ADDLAB (forthcoming)] We are so accustomed to information that it feels strange to claim that information is not. Yet information has no weight, no extension, no body; it is reducible neither to physical matter nor energy. Nevertheless, it has impacts. We experience … Continue reading

Little Dramas Staged / Thinking as an Algebraic Mechanist

From the Cosmic City to the Articulated City I – A Psycho-Political Essay

In the Quantum City, it is mainly existentialists who gather. Existentialists of the symbolic. People who know they could do virtually anything, if they wanted to, and if they got organized properly. Yet they feel largely undecided. There is a sense of brute potency all around them, which at one and the same time attracts … Continue reading