»printed physics«
Metalithikum / Projective Theory of Technology

»printed physics«

»printed physics« war die erste Klausur in einer Reihe von Veranstaltungen, die ich am Laboratory for Applied Virtuality (CAAD, Institute for Information Technology in Architecture, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology ETH in Zurich) zusammen mit der Stiftung Werner Oechslin in Einsiedeln, Schweiz, organisiere.  Technology is not simply technology, it changes character over time. We suggest there is a … Continue reading

Little Dramas Staged / Projective Theory of Technology

Michel Serres: Revolution Cognitive et Culturelle (engl. translation)

(translated by Aoife Rosenmeyer) In prep school classes there always came a day which we called ‘the day of inversion’. On that day….the elders [the teachers] had to kowtow to the wind of retribution. But this only lasted for a day. And whatever happened in this reversal, it was never the case that the weakest in … Continue reading